Scripting Functions

The following is a list of the Picard scripting functions grouped by function type.

Assignment Functions

These functions are used to assign (or unassign) a value to a tag or variable. The assignment scripting functions are:

Text Functions

These functions are used to manage text (e.g.: extract, replace or format) in tags or variables. The text scripting functions are:

Multi-Value Functions

These functions are used to manage multi-value tags or variables. The multi-value scripting functions are:

Mathematical Functions

These functions are used to perform arithmetic operations on tags or variables. The mathematical scripting functions are:

Conditional Functions

These functions are used to test for various conditions and take appropriate actions depending on the results of the test.


Formatting the code in your scripts by adding things like spaces, tabs and newlines could affect the results of conditional tests because these characters are not ignored. For example,

   $set(test1,Not Empty),
$if(%test%,$set(test2,Not Empty),$set(test2,Empty))

will return “Not Empty” for %test1%, but “Empty” for %test2%. The different values are a result of the indentation in the formatted code.

The conditional scripting functions are:

Information Functions

These functions provide additional system or data information. The information scripting functions are:

Loop Functions

These functions provide the ability to repeat actions based on the contents of a multi-value variable or the result of a conditional test. The loop scripting functions are:

Miscellaneous Functions

The miscellaneous scripting functions are: