Usage: $swapprefix(text[,prefixes])
Category: text
Implemented: Picard 1.3 (previously as a plugin since Picard 0.13)


Moves the specified prefixes from the beginning to the end of text. Any number of prefixes can be specified, separated by commas. If no prefix is specified “A” and “The” are used by default. Note that the matching is case-sensitive.


If the albumartist is “Le Butcherettes”, the following statements will return the values indicated:

$swapprefix(%albumartist%)               ==>  "Le Butcherettes"
$swapprefix(%albumartist%,le)            ==>  "Le Butcherettes"
$swapprefix(%albumartist%,L)             ==>  "Le Butcherettes"
$swapprefix(%albumartist%,A,An,The,Le)   ==>  "Butcherettes, Le"