Usage: $if(condition,then[,else])
Category: conditional


If condition is not empty it returns then, otherwise it returns else. If else is not provided, it will be assumed to be an empty string. In addition to (or instead of) returning values, then and else can be used to conditionally execute other functions.


Formatting the code using characters such as spaces, tabs or newlines can affect the result of the function.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$set(foo,This is foo)
$if(%foo%,%foo%,No foo)                   ==>  "This is foo"
$if(%bar%,%bar%,No bar)                   ==>  "No bar"
$if(%bar%,This is bar,No bar)             ==>  "No bar"
$if(%bar%,This is bar,)                   ==>  ""
$if(%bar%,This is bar)                    ==>  ""
$if(,True,False)                          ==>  "False"
$if( ,True,False)                         ==>  "True"
$if(,$set(value,True),$set(value,False))  ==>  Sets "value" to "False"
$set(value,$if(%bar%,True,False))         ==>  Sets "value" to "False"