Usage: $and(x,y,*args)
Category: conditional


Returns true if both x and y are not empty. Can be used with an arbitrary number of arguments. The result is true if ALL of the arguments are not empty.


Formatting the code using characters such as spaces, tabs or newlines can affect the result of the function.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$and(%test%,)          ==>  ""   (False)
$and(%test%,1)         ==>  "1"  (True)
$and(%test%,A)         ==>  "1"  (True)
$and(%test%,$gt(4,5))  ==>  ""   (False)
$and(%test%,$lt(4,5))  ==>  "1"  (True)
$and(%test%,,)         ==>  ""   (False)
$and(%test%,,0)        ==>  ""   (False)
$and(%test%,, )        ==>  ""   (False)
$and(%test%, , )       ==>  "1"  (True)