Usage: $set(name,value)
Category: assignment


Sets the variable name to value. The value of a variable is available to other script functions if it is enclosed between ‘%’ characters (e.g.: %name%). If name is another variable (e.g.: %indirect%) the value of the variable will be used as name. This allows the creation of dynamically named variables.


To create a variable which can be used for the file naming string, but which will not be written as a tag in the file, prefix the variable name with an underscore. %something% will create a “something” tag; %_something% will not.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$set(comment,Testing)  ==>  "Testing" will be written to the "comment" tag
$set(_hidden,Testing)  ==>  "_hidden" variable will not be written

$set(%_base%,Testing)  ==>  "Testing" will be written to the "redirect" tag