Usage: $ne_any(x,a1,a2,*args)
Category: conditional


Returns true if x does not equal a1 or a2, etc. Can be used with an arbitrary number of arguments. Note that comparisons are case-sensitive.

Functionally equivalent to $or($ne(x,a1),$ne(x,a2) ...).


Formatting the code using characters such as spaces, tabs or newlines can affect the result of the function.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$ne_any(A,A,B,C)    ==>  "1"  (True)
$ne_any(A,a,A,A)    ==>  "1"  (True)
$ne_any(A,A,A,A)    ==>  ""   (False)
$ne_any(,,,)        ==>  ""   (False)
$ne_any(,a,,)       ==>  "1"  (True)