There is no coverart

There are two different problems that often fall under this topic:

Picard isn’t finding and downloading any cover art

No cover art providers have been enabled in the configuration settings

Confirm that the “Options ‣ Options… ‣ Cover Art” settings have at least one cover art provider enabled. Please see the Cover Art Providers section for more information.

There is no cover art available from the selected providers

It’s possible that the selected release does not have any cover art available from the enabled cover art providers. If a cover art image is displayed for the release on the MusicBrainz website, it is possible that the image for the release group is being displayed, or it is being provided through a third-party provider agreement. Sometimes this can be addressed by enabling the “CAA Release Group” and “Allowed cover art URLs” provider options.

The selected provider is not currently available

On occasion, the server providing the cover art (e.g.: is not available, or mirror servers have not yet been synchronized with the latest updates. In this case, you may have to wait for a few minutes before retrying your request. Reviewing the details in Picard’s log often provides some insight into whether or not this is the issue.

The cover art is still a pending edit

If the cover art was recently added, the edit adding the image may not have been accepted and applied yet. You can have Picard use the cover art from pending edits by disabling the “Download only approved images” option in the Cover Art Archives subsection of the “Options ‣ Options… ‣ Cover Art” settings. Please see the Cover Art Archive section for more information.

Coverart that is saved with the files isn’t displayed

Player doesn’t support embedded cover art

Check to confirm that your player supports embedded cover art images. That support is not universal among all players. Some players support embedded images, some support images stored as files in the directory (e.g.: cover.jpg or folder.jpg), and some support both. Picard allows you to specify how the cover art images should be saved. Please see the Location section of the Coverart options for details.

You should also confirm that your player supports the version of the tags being written.

See also

For more information please see: AAC Files / AC3 Files / ID3 Files / WAVE Files

Embedded cover image too large

Even if your cover art image has been properly embedded in the file, it’s possible that your player has trouble dealing with embedded images over a certain size. If all else fails, you might try using an image with a smaller file size.