Usage: $day(date[,date_order])
Category: information
Implemented: Picard 2.7


Returns the “day” portion of the input date.

The “year”, “month” and “day” portions of the date must be entered as numbers, and can be separated by any non-numeric characters. The default order for the input date is “ymd”. This can be changed by specifying a date_order of either “dmy” or “mdy”. If anything other than “ymd”, “dmy” or “mdy” is specified, the default order “ymd” will be used.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$day(%foo%,%bar%)           ==>  "21"

$day(2020 07 21)            ==>  "21"
$day(2020.07.21)            ==>  "21"
$day(2020-07-21)            ==>  "21"
$day(2020-07-2)             ==>  "2"

$noop( Invalid date order)
$day(2020-07-21,dym)        ==>  "21"

$day(,)                     ==>  ""
$day(-07-2020,dmy)          ==>  ""