Usage: $foreach(name,code,separator=”; “)
Category: loop
Implemented: Picard 2.3


Iterates over each element found in the multi-value variable name, executing code during each iteration. Before each iteration, the element value is first stored in the variable _loop_value and the count is stored in the variable _loop_count. This allows the element or count value to be accessed within the code script.

A literal value representing a multi-value can be substituted for name, using the separator (or a semicolon followed by a space “; ” if not passed) to coerce the value into a proper multi-valued variable.


The following statements will perform the processing indicated:

$noop( Mark all listed tags for deletion from the files. )
$foreach(genre; comment; year,$delete(%_loop_value%))

$noop( Create an 'artist_count' tag with a count of all artists
       listed for the track. )

$noop( Create a separate tag for each artist listed for the
       track as 'artist_1', 'artist_2', etc. )