Usage: $replacemulti(name,search,replace[,separator])
Category: multi-value
Implemented: Picard 2.6.1


Replaces occurrences of search with replace in the multi-value variable name and returns the resulting multi-value variable string with the elements separated by separator (or the default separator of a semicolon followed by a space “; ” if not passed).

Empty elements are automatically removed from the output.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$setmulti(foo,Electronic; Idm; Techno)
$replacemulti(%foo%,Idm,IDM)                ==>  "Electronic; IDM; Techno"

$setmulti(foo,Electronic; Jungle; Bardcore)
$replacemulti(%foo%,Bardcore,Hardcore)      ==>  "Electronic; Jungle; Hardcore"

$setmulti(foo,One; Two; Three)
$replacemulti(%foo%,Four,Five)              ==>  "One; Two; Three"

$setmulti(foo,Four; Five; Six)
$replacemulti(%foo%,Five,)                  ==>  "Four; Six"