Usage: $get(name)
Category: text


Returns the variable name (equivalent to %name%) or an empty string if name has not been set. If name is another variable (e.g. %indirect%) the value of the variable will be used as name. This allows the retrieval of dynamically named variables.


Usually you can access the values of a tag by the proper variable name. For example, if your tag is called “rerecorded” you can use %rerecorded%. But the hyphen is not a valid character for a script variable, so %re-recorded% gives a syntax error. In cases like this you need to use $get(re-recorded).


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$set(foo,This is foo)
$get(foo)              ==>  "This is foo"
$get(bar)              ==>  "foo"
$get(%bar%)            ==>  "This is foo"
$get(baz)              ==>  "" ('baz' has not been set to a value)