Usage: $firstwords(text,length)
Category: text
Implemented: Picard 0.12


Truncate text to length, only returning the complete words from text which fit within length characters. If length is less than 0, then the value used is the number of characters in text plus length (e.g.: $firstwords(one two three,-3) is the same as $firstwords(one two three,10)). If length is missing or a negative number greater than the number of characters in text, the function will return an empty string.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$firstwords(Once upon a time,)     ==>  ""
$firstwords(Once upon a time,0)    ==>  ""
$firstwords(Once upon a time,3)    ==>  ""
$firstwords(Once upon a time,7)    ==>  "Once"
$firstwords(Once upon a time,-3)   ==>  "Once upon a"
$firstwords(Once upon a time,-30)  ==>  ""