Usage: $setmulti(name,value[,separator])
Category: assignment
Implemented: Picard 1.0


Sets the variable name to value, using the separator (or a semicolon followed by a space “; ” if not passed) to coerce the value back into a proper multi-valued variable. This can be used to operate on multi-valued variables as a string, and then set them back as proper multi-valued variable.


The following statements will return the values indicated:

$setmulti(genre,$lower(%genre%))  ==>  all "genre" elements in lower case
$setmulti(alpha,A; B; C)          ==>  3 elements ("A", "B" and "C")
$setmulti(mixed,A:A; B:B,:)       ==>  3 elements ("A", "A; B" and "B")