Lookup Files

The steps to follow to lookup files are:

  1. Add your files using “Files ‣ Add Files…” or “Files ‣ Add Folder…”. For ease of use it is recommended to use the internal File Browser to manage file system interactions. This is enabled from “View ‣ File Browser”.


  2. Drag the selected directory or files to the “Unclustered Files” folder, and wait for Picard to process the files - the names will turn from grey to black.


  3. Use “Tools ‣ Cluster” to group the files into album clusters.


  4. Select a clustered album and use “Tools ‣ Lookup” to lookup the cluster. Depending on your previous metadata, the album will show up in the right-hand pane.

    A music symbol in front of a track number in the right-hand pane indicates that there has been no file assigned to the track.


    If no album was retrieved, or if the album retrieved was incorrect, you may have to try a different method such as scanning the files or a manual lookup.