I’m trying to load a release, but all I see is “Couldn’t load album errors”. What’s up?

If you get “Couldn’t load album errors” for releases in Picard, this can occur for a number of reasons. Check the following:

1. Is the problem persistent for a given release?

Try waiting a minute or two, or even a bit longer and then try again with a right-click, “Refresh”. Sometimes the servers are just overloaded and temporarily reject requests.

2. Has the release been deleted from MusicBrainz?

If you are re-tagging files previously tagged with Picard, and get this error, the release has possibly been deleted. Try to right-click and use the “Lookup in browser” option to view the release on the website. If you can’t find it, it may have been deleted. This could be because you tagged a pending release that was voted down, or tagged against a release that was deleted because editors decided it wasn’t a valid release. This can happen for homebrew compilations, bad torrent or pirate rips, “advance” releases or very poorly added releases. Usually there will be an alternate release you can tag against, which you can find by searching or doing another clustered lookup from Picard. If you can’t find a replacement and believe it has been deleted unfairly, submit a new release, supplying evidence of the tracklisting and as much information as possible to prove it is genuine and it may be accepted again.